Facel Vega Dashboard Restorer – Hand painted wood effect for metal interior items.

Restoration by craftsman Simon Lorkin – Classic Dashboards – Normandy – France.

Simon Lorkin has been offering his restoration services as a Facel Vega dashboard restorer since 2011. It’s a car with a unique wood effect that some say isn’t a ‘realistic’ wood effect so we call it the ‘Facel Style’.

Facel Vega cars were manufactured between 1954 and 1964 and are beautiful cars. Simon invested over three weeks of his time to discover and perfect the methods, colours and materials necessary to produce his version of this unusual effect and is now known in France as the Master Craftsman capable of bringing these dashboards back to their former glory. The hand painted wood effect appears on the dashboards of several of the cars and some have seat backs and a middle ashtray in the same ‘Facel Style’ wood effect.

A fully restored Facel Vega dashboard reassembled and on the road.


Simon Lorkin – www.classicdashboards.com

Simon Lorkin – www.classicdashboards.com

Depending on the interior and bodywork colours of your Facel Vega you can choose to have your dashboard restored with a new ‘Lighter’ or ‘Darker’ Facel style wood effect, understanding than in all cases there are never two dashboards exactly the same as the Facel Vega wood effect is painted by hand.


The following photos at the top half of this page are Facel Vega dashboards in the ‘darker’ style and the lower half of the page are in the ‘lighter’ style. When we describe the ‘darker’ style it means with brown nuances and areas, interspersed throughout the dashboard where as the ‘lighter’ style doesn’t have these and is more unified in colour. The choice is yours.

Examples of the ‘DARKER’ Facel Vega wood effect by Artisan Simon Lorkin – Classic Dashboards




Facel Vega Dashboard Restorer – Simon Lorkin – www.classicdashboards.com


Restaurateur de tableau de bord Facel Vega – Simon Lorkin – www.classicdashboards.com


Examples of the ‘LIGHTER’ Facel Vega wood effect by Artisan Simon Lorkin – Classic Dashboards

(Meaning without darker brown nuances within the painted wood effect)


Simon Lorkin - Facel Vega Dashboard Restorer - Classic Dashboards - www.classicdashboards.com - Normandy, France



Classic Dashboards - Facel Vega Dashboard Restorer - www.classicdashboards.com - Normandy, France



Prices for Facel Vega Dashboard Restoration.

2 Options for supplying your items to Facel Vega Dashboard Restorer Simon Lorkin.

You can choose to supply your pieces “as they are” (i.e just the metal stripped of any instruments, leather or switches etc) or you can supply the items already sandblasted and well prepared with epoxy primers and ready to paint.

Please contact me for preparation specifications if you’d like to prepare your Facel Vega dashboard yourself for its restoration.



Option 1:

The dashboard (disassembled and without any accessories, dials, leather trim etc.) is sent in its current state. I take care of sanding, priming and then hand painting and water varnish finishing –

1.250.00€ Euros (plus shipping)


Option 2:

The dashboard arrives at the workshop already prepared, (sandblasting and priming), ready to paint:

950,00€ Euros (plus shipping)

Please contact me for more information about Facel Vega dashboard restoration

“Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have queries about the restoration of your Facel Vega. Visitors are welcome at my restoration workshop in the Normandy countryside (by appointment only please).”


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