Visiting Classic Dashboards - for Classic Car Clubs


Are you looking for an unusual and interesting place to stop on your classic car tour of Normandy in France? Why not visit Classic Dashboards and enjoy demonstrations and explanations of my Dashboard restoration work.

Classic car clubs are welcome all year round, by appointment only. Please get in touch to organise your visit.

We have two large lawn areas and can accommodate any number of classic cars as you can see from the photo below, but please note that my workshop accommodates around 25 people comfortably. On good weather days the demonstrations can be held outside under the apple trees or groups can take it in turns in the workshop whilst others take refreshments.

You are more than welcome to take the opportunity to picnic in the garden.

« Discover photos of the visit of the STEAM Classic Car Club in July 2016 by clicking here »


Included in visit:

Explanation of restoration processes for wooden trim and dashboards:

  • Stripping
  • Veneering
  • French polishing
  • Lacquering

Things to see and handle:

  • Examples of different types of veneer.
  • Examples of different pieces of wood trim and wooden dashboards.
  • Examples of painted wood effect on Metal dashboards.
  • Demonstration of veneer press machine to help veneer rounded corners.


Please get in touch for more information on the costs as it depends on how many visiters you'll be and how long you are planning to stay etc. The price includes refreshments (tea/coffee and fruits juices).


Duration of your visit

I have found that Classic Car Clubs tend to be here for around two hours , incorporating a workshop visit of around an hour. It is all very flexible as it all depends on how inquisitive the visitors are and how many questions are asked about my experience and expertise. Then it depends on how long you choose to relax, chat and enjoy the refreshments on the lawn afterwards!