Classic Dashboards : Providing Dashboard Restoration services for classic car enthusiasts and restoration garages around the world.

Simon Lorkin understands that you are investing a lot of time, effort and money in your classic car. He knows that dashboard and wooden trim are the finishing touches and make an huge difference to how the interior looks and feels.

He also understands that many passionate enthusiasts aren't looking to replace the original dashboard with a lower quality, brand new version, where the finish quickly deteriorates and the colour isn't what had been hoped for. He empathises with the desire to keep as much of the car as original as possible.

With the 28 years of experience that he now has, his skills are considered second to none. His clients call on his expertise time and again because of his commitment to providing restoration to the highest level of quality.

At Classic Dashboards traditional craftsmanship is used to bring out the beauty in your cars interior by restoring the original dashboard, not by supplying replacement dashboards.

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